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This versatile machine is built to fit any space, whether you have a garage or just a desktop… In case you’re worried that “quick-change” means that your BoXZY will lose power and precision: It won’t!

James Herzing / Autodesk

This machine is shaping up to be a multipurpose masterpiece that will appeal to both beginning and experienced users.

Alec Buren / 3Ders.org

BoXZY is pretty much an entire makerspace in a box. Instead of being required to purchase three machines, […] one simple, robust machine can be purchased, freeing up cash and extra work space for the maker.

Brittney Sevenson / 3DPrint.com

Fast Choices. Better Choices.

This is the world’s first rapid-swap hybrid 3D printer. In seconds, the unique design gives you the power to go from 3D printing gears, to 3D carving a knife, to laser engraving your cat’s face on your wallet.

You’ve Never Been So Handy.

You’ll use BoXZY to 3D carve your steel wrenches, pliers, and all the joints and brackets for your backyard playground.

You’ll Build a Better World.

3D print prosthetic limbs, a hydroponics setup, and toys for your daughter. When you see farther and you want to build more, BoXZY 3D prints your solutions for a better world. Contribute more.

You’ll Get Noticed.

Laser engrave your business cards in stone. Let your banner fly because you’ve engraved your drinking glasses with the emblem of House Stark. Engrave every thing. Never be forgotten again!

BoXZY is Easy to Use and You’ve Got Help.

You’ll have access to great video tutorials, exceptional quick-start manuals, and us. We’ll get you started off right. You can call us, email us, and reach out in our help community. And we’ll be there to help you fast.

The world’s highest quality – most powerful – 3D printer. 

BoXZY is built to fit. Its compact size yet expansive platform mean BoXZY will fit your lab, your garage, or your factory. It sits proudly on your work bench or desktop without consuming your space. But you’re going to need a sturdier desk.

BoXZY is built like a tank. BoXZY’s 50-pound weight means it’s the worlds heaviest desktop printer. It’s a serious machine for serious makers and designers. BoXZY can carve you a new set of wrenches because it’s an-all metal design.

BoXZY is the embodiment of precision. Every component is precision milled aeronautical aluminum or hardened steel. Each of BoXZY’s motions is controlled by powerful, precise ball screws – the same form of actuation used to control in-flight movement of the Boeing 747. This gives your BoXZY 6 micron resolution at a 0.00015% error at up to 40 pounds of force.

BoXZY is profound. The raw torque of beefy NEMA 23 motors drives every powerful precision movement. The maestro of metal, BoXZY is careful enough to engrave a hummingbird’s eggshell, precise enough to 3D print a prosthetic eye for your mouse, and powerful enough to carve you a sword for the apocalypse.

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We are engineers, educators, and makers. That’s why we know choosing the right machine for the job is important. Please reach out if you have any questions about using BoXZY.