Milling Steel, Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and More with BoXZY

boxzy milling master sword out of steel

BoXZY is now capable of milling steel, carbon fiber, titanium, along with its plethora of other medias. Milling around in the BoXZY Lab, (pun intended), landed our experts to discover BoXZY’s hidden capabilities. Several steel, carbon fiber, and titanium experiments are already underway at the Lab. Some projects include a 23 inch steel Master Sword from Zelda and throwing knives milled from 5160 Spring Steel provided by Atomic Celt Bladeworks.

The BoXZY milled Zelda’s Master Sword, (pictured below), was also machined from steel to be refined later. Our CEO, Joel Johnson, used this file to achieve the Master Sword. Joel reminds users that these settings are “just one of his ‘wild experimentations’, they are not meant to be taken as tips”. BoXZY has also produced a hatchet, a variety of gears, and other knives out of steel.

In addition to machining steel, Joel has been working on fine-tuning BoXZY’s capabilities to mill carbon fiber. The carbon fiber gear below was achieved through a trial and error timeline.

As all of these projects have been primarily experimental, Joel suggests that users conduct thorough research prior to attempting any new metal or carbon fiber milling projects.

Awesome projects are being made by our BoXZY users daily. They are the real heroes and we want to celebrate their achievements. Please like our Facebook Page and follow us on @BoXZYcnc. If you have a great story to share, or have tried milling differing medias, send us an email at: [email protected].

Want to try milling metal for yourself? Check out the BoXZY Carve!  This robust machine is the starting point for BoXZY. It comes with the CNC router head, allowing you to add other heads as your needs grow.