How to Make: DIY 3D Printed Bookshelf

BoXZY’s 3D printing platform is 6.5″ x 6.5″, but that doesn’t mean that project size is limited to these dimensions. Chris Ference proved BoXZY has no limitations by building his own DIY 3D Printed Bookshelf. This bookshelf was made using pine board, wood screws, wood finish, and white PLA filament.

With this project, Chris wanted to demonstrate the full capability of 3D printers by creating a piece that was unheard of in the desktop manufacturing community. After brainstorming, he thought of creating a bookshelf that had 3D printed joints that supported 2″ x 3″ pieces of pine.

First, Chris sketched up his plans for the bookshelf and loaded them onto Autodesk Fusion. Then, he designed 3D printing plans for top and rear brackets to hold his shelf together. After prototyping a miniature bookshelf, he printed life-sized brackets for construction.

Chris used a circular saw, planer, and a hand sander to build and clean up individual shelves and finish his masterpiece.

Chris provided us with a full set of directions on how to make this bookshelf on his Instructables.

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