How to Make: 3D Printed Modular Planters

These beautiful modular geometric planters will save you next time you need a thoughtful gift. Their edgy design spotlights BoXZY’s 3D printing precision effortlessly.

With only 24 hours until Mothers Day, Chris was able to print this geometric modular planter with the help of BoXZY.

The modular design allows for different plants to be grown with different intentions. The single planter allows for succulents and cacti, whereas the triple allows for herbs such as mint, parsley, dill, or rosemary.

Another Thingiverse user, Lpinter, designed a saucer that attaches to the bottom of the small triangular planters to catch excess water from the plants. 

Lpinter advises to drill a few holes in the bottom of the geometric planters to allow excess water drain from the plant. His triangular saucers have three small posts to keep the planter above the excess water level below.

Thanks for the remix, Lpinter!

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