How to Make: Pizza Bottle Opener

With some standard yellow and red PLA and a penny insert, you’ll have a pizza bottle opener you won’t ever lose again – it’s a keychain too.

Our assembly supervisor, Nicki, is always making neat things on BoXZY in her free time. This time she killed two birds with one stone by 3D printing a keychain of my *favorite thing*, pizza, that doubles as a bottle opener for my *second favorite thing*. You get the point.

Nicki used this file on Thingiverse made by the talented maker 3D Brooklyn. The key to the design is incorporating a coin insert half way through the pizza slice to ensure this opener works for any brew. In this particular design, the coin of choice is a penny.

After loading the file to BoXZY, Nicki printed the base of the slice in yellow PLA. Once the cheese was complete, Nicki loaded some red PLA to add the pepperonis and crust to her keychain. A small depression allows for a penny to slide in and act as the “opening” part of this bottle opener.

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3 thoughts on “How to Make: Pizza Bottle Opener

  1. Michael says:

    Can you provide a tutorial on how you set things up so that you only print the yellow PLA plastic for the lower half, and then print the red PLA for the top half? Can you show us how you adjusted CURA so that this was handled?

    Thank you

    • Hadley Pratt says:

      Hi Michael, Hadley from the BoXZY team here! To print in multiple colors, we actually don’t manipulate any of the slicer settings. It’s a pretty low-tech fix: We watch the print and pause it when it’s completed the last layer we want in yellow. Then we quickly swap out the yellow filament in the filament drive for a roll of red, un-pause the print, and let it go!

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