How to Make: Desk Organizer

If your work space is like mine and could use a little TLC in the organization department, look no further.  This desk organizer will keep your to-do list where you can see it and your pens close by. No more “accidentally” stealing your coworkers’ pens.

After some brainstorming, our friend Chris from ChrisFerenceID sketched up a simple design that would prove to have many organizational benefits, including:

  • Round depressions for pen and pencil storage
  • One wide compartment capable of holding tablets, note pads, or an iPad
  • One square storage slot that can retain sticky notes, phones, and other smaller items
  • One smaller storage slot that can be used for containing paper clips, coins, a phone charger as pictured above, SD cards, and many other smaller articles

After using it for only a few days, I felt my productivity increase. With sticky notes at an arm’s length I was able to jot down my ideas to use later,” said Chris.

Chris prefers to draw his designs before sending them to CAD to convert to a 3D format. He says by doing perspective drawings first, users can avoid issues they would have not thought about otherwise. Within Autodesk Fusion 360, Chris utilized the rectangle, line, fillet, and circle tool to create the base platform for the organizational unit. After making this 2D concept sketch, Chris modified it into a 3D shape using the “press/pull” tool in Autodesk. The photos below narrate Chris’ process from 2D concept sketch to conversion to the 3D file.

Next, Chris added a small depression in the square compartment to make grabbing items easier. Chris did this by creating a new sketch and filleting off the edges for a rounded feel. After the initial design process was complete, Chris went back and gave his desk organizer the “3D Maple” appearance for a better representation of what the final product will look like.

The process is explained in further detail on Chris’ Instructables page for this project. Chris delves into how to draw up concept sketches, extrusion requirements, and using GrabCAD for importing design-specific elements. In addition, Chris has provided us with a video outlining these directions that you can view, here.

Thanks for sharing your desk organizer project with us, Chris!

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