a 3d printer, laser cutter, and mill in one


two hours the first month, one hour each month after


become the expert by watching

Package details

This new and exciting educational package features a series of video tutorials that are made with the educator in mind. You’ll receive two hours of face-to-face time with BoXZY specialist the first month and one hour each following month for six months.  And you get stellar customer service! 
Videos Include:

Introduction & Safety and Basic Use: This video will teach you how to set up your BoXZY and pair it with your laptop, computer, or smart controller. You’ll learn the basics of what a BoXZY can do and explore various safety tips.

Prototyping: What is prototyping? Where do you begin? We’ll explore why and how to prototype in the simplest possible terms and we’ll take you through the entire process; from paper prototypes to your first production model.

File Building and Refinement: In this segment, we explain how to build your file from scratch for 3D printing, laser etching, and milling. If you choose to download existing files, we explain the types of files needed for each BoXZY head and how to refine them.

Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting: BoXZY is easy to clean and take care of and we show you how to do just that! We also discuss basic troubleshooting techniques.

Settings: In these videos we’ll cover how to set your settings for 3D printing, laser etching, and milling. We cover the basic of supports, infills, feeds and speeds, and so much more.

Projects: Here is how you can take everything you learned and apply it to your classroom! We’ll talk about various projects to work on with different age groups for different subjects.