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Students see the value of their education in real-time when their ideas come to life.

BoXZY Inspires

Watch as students are driven by their innate desire to create. One simple idea can spark a hundred more.


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It’s easy to integrate BoXZY into your classroom. Get started today with three sample lesson plans created by educators like you!

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Meet Dr. Jacie Maslyk

Dr. Jacie MaslykDr. Maslyk is the Assistant Superintendent of Hopewell Area School District and author of STEAM Makers: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Elementary Classroom. Dr. Maslyk teaches her readers how to build “the essential 4―creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking” by incorporating STEAM and making into daily practice. STEAM Makers shows how learning through invention prepares students for real-world experiences and offers step-by-step processes to help anyone start their Maker journey.

When a learner can imagine something, create a plan, and bring that idea to life – that is pretty powerful!  With desktop digital fabrication tools like BoXZY, students have that ability at their fingertips.

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