James Herzing

This versatile machine is built to fit any space, whether you have a garage or just a desktop… In case you’re worried that “quick-change” means that your BoXZY will lose power and precision: it won’t!

James Herzing / Autodesk
Alec Buren

This machine is shaping up to be a multipurpose masterpiece that will appeal to both beginning and experienced users.

Alec Buren /
Brittney Sevenson

BoXZY is pretty much an entire makerspace in a box. Instead of being required to purchase three machines, […] one simple, robust machine can be purchased, freeing up cash and extra work space for the maker.

Brittney Sevenson /

Sleek. Powerful. Useful.

Each of BoXZY’s motions is controlled by powerful, precise ball screws – the same form of actuation used to control in-flight movement of the Boeing 747. This gives your BoXZY 6 micron resolution at a 0.00015% error at up to 40 pounds of force.

We are engineers, educators, and makers. That’s why we know choosing the right machine for the job is important. Please reach out if you have any questions about using BoXZY.

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You can do this…                                    …Or you can do this

You can do this…                                  …Or you can do this

You can do this…                                  …Or you can do this