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meet boxzy

Sleek. Powerful. Compact. Affordable.

BoXZY Engages

Hands-on learning generates greater engagement, faster. Show them instead of telling them.

BoXZY Is Fast

Students see the value of their education in real-time when their ideas come to life.

BoXZY Inspires

Watch as students are driven by their innate desire to create. One simple idea can spark a hundred more.


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BoXZY Specs

BoXZY Technical Specifications

Windows Console Specs

Windows-based PC specifications

Mini Demo

BoXZY in 3 Steps basic video demo. 

5:42 running time.

In-Depth Video

End-to-end demonstration of all three BoXZY functions performing small jobs.   42:25 running time.   Secure, free sign-in required.

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