BoXZY Console PC Specifications

PC Specifications

Laptop or Tower

  • Any PC is fine
  • Laptop may be preferred as it is both compact and mobile


  • External mouse may be preferred to trackpad if PC is used for design


  • Any contemporary laptop or PC capable of running Windows 10

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 10 

Hard Drive Capacity

  • at least 250GB 
    • more if possible to accommodate future OS upgrades and large design file sizes


  • at least 4GB
  • consider more if PC used for graphics-intensive design applications (e.g., Fusion 360, Tinkercad, other CAD/CAM apps, etc.)

Graphics Card

  • most contemporary PCs have a decent graphics card
  • gaming PCs with high definition graphics capability will work for sure! 

USB Ports

  • at least two (2) 2.0-or-better ports
  • one for BoXZY; one for the wireless mouse

Internet (online) connectivity

  • wired or WiFi
  • for use with online design CAD/CAM programs like Tinkercad (3D print design), Easel (CNC design), or just downloading third-party project files